Comfort For comfort , our office has replaced traditional needles with the STA WAND Computerized injection system. Computerized techniques allow for comfortable injections and are great for patients with anxiety of the "needle." Contact Us To Learn More Freezing Low Noise Low noise electric drills are used for patients who are apprehensive to the sound of drills. We focus on reducing dental anxiety while providing quality dental care. Contact Us To Learn More Tools Digital Traditional dental impressions with moulds (images on the left) are required for treatments such as braces and night guards.
At Nebula Dental, we use an optical scanner (image on the right) that builds computer images that can be 3D printed instead. Patients with high anxiety and those with a gag reflex would be pleased to learn about our Goo Free scanning technology.
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Heated Massage Our dental chairs have heat and massage options for the patients comfort. We also focus on a whole body approach to dental care, such as diet counselling, oral hygiene instructions and counseling on natural products for oral health. Contact Us To Learn More Dental Chairs Dental Nebula Dental Clinic has Nitrous Sedation and Oral Sedation options for our patients that experience anxiety or fear of visiting the dentist. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact our office to discuss which options we have that will make your visit with us as pleasant as possible. Contact Us To Learn More Sedation

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Nebula Dental Clinic provides oral health care services to the communities of Ellerslie, Summerside, Orchards, Walker, Charlseworth and the surrounding areas in Edmonton. All services provided by a general dentist.

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